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WhatsApp, now owned by Facebook, is a messaging app with more than 2 billion users worldwide. Besides sending instant messages, photos, videos and documents, WhatsApp is often used for voice messages. Voice messages or audio files are a convenient way to express feelings and send relatively long messages.

To cut to the chase: Most users wonder where WhatsApp voice notes are stored on the iPhone. As you may know, by default WhatsApp automatically saves the photos and videos you receive in the camera roll of your iPhone. However, this does not apply to audio files, voice memos and PDF files.

How to find WhatsApp voice notes on iPhone

If you search for the WhatsApp voice notes folder on your iPhone, you will not find it. This is because WhatsApp does not store voice messages on the iPhone. You can only listen to voice memos by opening them in a specific WhatsApp conversation. At the same time, Android users can easily access voice messages from the internal memory.

What if I need to download a voice message for offline use, for example. B. in a video recording, or do you want to submit it as evidence?

Don’t worry about it. Until now, it was not possible to record voice memos on the iPhone. Fortunately, the revamped Files app in iOS 13 provides this capability with ease. You can download voice messages directly from the WhatsApp application on your iPhone without using a third-party application or the WhatsApp web application on your PC or Mac.

Learn how to do that on an iPhone 12, iPhone 11, or older iPhone running iOS 14 or iOS 13.

How to download a voice memo from WhatsApp to iPhone

  1. Make sure you have the Files application installed on your iPhone.
  2. Open WhatsApp and go to the conversation in which you received the voice memo.
  3. Press and hold a voice memo.

  1. Tap Transfer and then tap Share in the bottom right corner. Tip: Check other voice memos in the chat to record multiple voice memos at once.

  1. Select the Save in iOS file sharing option.

  1. Tap On my iPhone and choose a folder to store the WhatsApp audio file in your iPhone’s local memory. You can also select iCloud Drive if you want.
  2. Not necessary: To rename a voice memo, tap the file name next to the audio icon and enter a name.

  1. Tap Save in the upper right corner to save the voice memo in the Files application.

Here’s how. You can now open a recorded audio file at any time using the Files application.

WhatsApp voice notes stored in the Files application on iPhone

How to convert a WhatsApp voice message to MP3

Voice memos that you download from WhatsApp are stored on your iPhone in .m4a (Apple MPEG-4 Audio) format. If you want them in MP3 audio format, you will need to convert the file. This can be done with the online audio converter directly on your iPhone. Let’s see how.

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone and go to cloudconvert.com/m4a-to-mp3.
  2. Go to Select File and click From Computer.

  1. Select Preview and click the Preview tab.

  1. Go to On my iPhone and select the voice memo file in the appropriate folder.
  2. Press the Convert button.

  1. Click the Download button and download the file.

Now go to Files > On my iPhone > Downloads to view the voice memo in MP3 format.

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Where are WhatsApp voice notes stored?

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