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The TP-Link Tether app for PC (2021) is now available for download. The app lets you connect your PC to any TP-Link router.

Since the launch of the original Tether app, Tether has evolved to become one of the most popular and reliable tethering apps on the market. Tether has been the first choice for many people looking for a simple, effective and non-intrusive way to share their 3G and 4G connections. We’ve been especially proud of the fact that the app has been very easy to use and free of bugs, and that we’ve been able to continuously improve it with your feedback.

In this guide, we will show you how to download and install TP-Link Tether for Windows and Mac PCs.

TP-Link Tether PC application

TP-Link Tether is a management application that allows you to better monitor and manage your devices. This application works smoothly on PCs that use emulators to run mobile applications.

TP-Link’s PC Tether application gives you easy access to convenient management of your router and range extender. This application offers parental controls and has a smart user interface. The intuitive user interface is simple and allows you to view the status of the client, online device and permissions.

This application provides you with a large number of functions and features that you can easily use. This application is compatible with a large number of routers, such as. B. AD7200 V1, Archer C5400 V1, Archer C3200 V1, etc. Some of the compatible xDSL routers: Archer VR2800v V1, Archer D20 V1, TD-W9977 V1, etc. Compatible series extensions: RE650 V1, TL-WA860RE V2, TL-WA830RE V3, etc. Compatible cable modem routers that this application works with: Archer CR1900 V1, etc. A compatible LTE gateway is the Archer MR200 V2. Note that these are all listed hardware versions and above.

TP-Link Tether AppFeatures

  • Configure and use the SSID, account password, and browse or ADSL/VDSL settings of your device.
  • Check authorizations for client devices
  • Finding the best location for optimal Range Extender placement
  • Simultaneous management of multiple TP-Link devices
  • Block unwanted and unauthorized access to and use of your devices.
  • Programming and control of URL-based Internet access for permissions and parental controls
  • Switches the LED on and off automatically depending on the time of day.

Download TP-Link Tether APK Free

Name TP-Link cable ties
Application version
Category Tools
Application size
Android version supported
Last update April 2021
Type of permit Free
Download the file TP-Link Tether APK

How to install TP-Link Tether for PC (Windows and Mac)

There are 2 ways to install TP-Link Tether on a Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac PC.

Method 1: Install TP-Link Tether on your PC with BlueStacks

  • First you need to download BlueStacks on your PC (Windows/Mac) from the link below.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to install the BlueStacks Android emulator on your PC (Windows/Mac).
  • The installation wizard starts. Just follow the instructions on the screen and the installation will be completed in a few minutes.
  • Once it’s installed. Click on the BlueStacks icon on your desktop to launch the emulator.
  • Open the Google Play Store and type TP-Link Tether into the search bar.
  • Search for TP-Link Tether in the search results and click Install.
  • Installing TP-Link Tether on a PC (Windows/Mac) only takes a few seconds.
  • After successful installation, click on TP-Link Tether on the BlueStacks home screen to start using it.

Method 2: Install TP-Link Tether on your PC with NoxPlayer

  • You must first download the NoxPlayer on your PC (Windows/Mac) using the link below.
  • Install the Android emulator NoxPlayer on your PC (Windows/Mac).
  • Open the Android emulator NoxPlayer.
  • Open the Google Play Store and type TP-Link Tether into the search bar.
  • Search for TP-Link Tether in the search results and click Install.
  • After installation, click on TP-Link Tether on the home screen to start using it.


In short, using the TP-Link Tether PC application to monitor connected devices and manage routers is easy. You can be sure that your power over these devices will be as strong as you want, and without any headaches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tplink tethering free?

After the debacle of the last tethering scandal, T-Mobile has announced that it will not be charging its customers for the use of their phones as hotspots. This is good news for those with a T-Mobile contract, as it means that they can use their device without worrying about the bill coming in and being in the hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. It is not the first time that T-Mobile has offered tethering for free, but this time round it is permanent. Tethering your phone has been around for a while now, but many users are still unclear as to what it is and how it works. Tethering essentially lets your phone use your connection for internet, thereby giving you wireless internet. (Think of it as the opposite of making a phone call.) The big advantage of tethering is that you can use your phone for internet anywhere there is a data signal. You can also use tethering to access 3G speeds even if you have a 2G plan.

How do I download TP-link tether to my computer?

If you are using a PC, then the main thing you need to do is find the right drivers. If you’re using a MAC, then you will need to run the firmware file on your computer after which you have to sync the computer to the router to get it working. There can be many reasons why people want to tether their computer to the internet. Maybe you want to stream music or watch videos while out of the house, or maybe you just want to save money. Whatever the reason, you need to know a little about what tethering is, how to tether, and how to download tp-link tether.

How do I enable TP-link tethering?

Every modern smart phone has a built-in tethering function that lets you share your phone’s internet connection with other devices, but most people never use this function. Since tethering is built into all modern smart phones, you don’t need to buy additional equipment to get it working. You may want to enable tethering if your phone has a weak internal antenna, or if you want to avoid paying for a data plan that gives you access to mobile hotspots. The TP-Link TL-WR702n is a powerful little router that is also a wireless adapter. It’s great for giving your home wireless capabilities, and with a little work, it can also be used to share your internet connection with other wireless devices. The main thing to know about this router/wireless adapter is that it is a very low power device. This means that you will not be able to use it to share an internet connection in a situation where there is no power outlet. (If you want to do this, you’ll need a power-line ethernet adapter.) Let’s start by using the TP-Link TL-WR702n as a wireless adapter.

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