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All aboard!

If you’re looking for new and creative ideas for your island, head over to Animal Crossing Express and try out some of these resort ideas.

Whether creating a train from scratch or setting up a scenic station, the possibilities are endless.

All you need is a little time and a love of trains (and probably a lot of clocks).

15. Parking on the peninsula

Stationpeninsula image source: plvna

Your peninsula could be the perfect place to set up a station and park your favorite train.

To do it yourself, you first need to lay some custom train tracks and hang some simple panels that look like buildings.

Then you want to make a train.

To do this, make a brick oven and place a walkway and a series of stalls lined up.

Have a few wagons act as the wheels of the train.

Finally, you’ll need a garden bench to wait your turn, as well as the lanterns and phone booth available from Nook Miles.

14. Beach station

Eimin Halcyon Image Source

If you set up a station on the beach, you’ll have a great view of the ocean while you wait to get to work at 9.

To do this, install specially designed railroad tracks along the beach. I like that the runway is vertical, because it’s a nice sight to see it shrink on the horizon.

The unconventional rocks on the ground are also a beautiful landscape.

And then make a bench in the garden and a sign with a wooden bench so your train knows where to stop.

13. Food and flower train

image source onefive9

I really like these ideas for making trains out of random furniture.

It distinguishes itself by the beauty of the cargo it carries.

Start laying the rails as usual.

Once that’s done, add a cotton candy machine and a popcorn machine, which you can buy at Nook Shopping.

The other carts still need to be made, so collect flowers for the garden cart and fruit for the fruit basket.

Once you’ve placed the basket on the ironwood coffee table, it’s time for the train to leave.

12. Midnight Garden Station

image source from @geny.cross

Nothing warms my heart more than a beautiful scene that is only more beautiful when illuminated by moonlight at night.

To do this, you need to lay railroad tracks and install reusable containers as wagons.

For the waiting area, you’ll need Nook Miles to get communal benches, a snack machine, a drink machine and a phone booth.

The acquisition of a plasma balloon and a skull-launching radio gives the scene a sinister midnight glow.

And the last thing you need to do is cover the floor with your favorite colors to make this station work!

11. Desert station

image source @greenteaisland

I don’t know if you’ve played Red Dead Redemption, but this station reminds me of Armadillo.

To put this abandoned ghost town station on your island, you’ll need to build some dirt roads to give the land a truly bleak appearance.

Hang lots of simple signs that look like the different parts of a train station.

You will also want to make an iron garden bench to wait on. Add a Rover suitcase if you have one to carry luggage on the trip.

And add a few floating planters so it’s not completely dead before you leave.

10. Forest station

image source _maangirl

Waiting in the woods can be a very soothing experience.

Why don’t you try this forest station?

Of course you have to lay rails and set up a train. It consists of a stack of disposable containers placed on low tables of ironwood.

And don’t forget to plant lots of cedar trees to shade the public benches.

Then hang some simple panels for the windows in the background, and make piles of leaves in the grass to give it a more natural look.

Power poles and a phone booth are also available for Nook Miles, so be sure to bring those along as well.

9. Children’s playground

image source by @inspoxrxndom

Children can also enjoy a good train ride, although they may need to be accompanied by an adult.

But here in Animal Crossing Land, every adult is actually a child!

For this custom station for kids, start with train tracks, but make sure they are more colorful this time.

You will also want stone walkways, as you can design them with chalk.

Then put a public bench in front of the iron fence as a waiting area.

Create a fun play area full of toys behind the fence. I’m talking pandas, toy boxes, race beds, unfinished puzzles, tricycles and anything else you can find to accentuate the childlike aesthetic.

8. Industrial railway

Image source: joel_ker

If you’ve been thinking about an urban setting for your resort, take a look at what this design has to offer.

Do it yourself by digging a valley in the ground and forming some rocks on one side.

Decorate the cliffs with buildings, install different servers and even a lighthouse.

In the valley you want to put rails and poles that you can buy for Nook Miles.

Finally, set up a waiting area on the other side of the valley with public benches and even a model train to wait on!

7. Colored railway station

image source by @xsummerset_crossingx

I’m warning you:

Only those with a colorful personality can get on this train!

If you want to recreate this beautiful rainbow station, you’ll need some custom rainbow tracks to get started.

Just some different rainbow patterns from bricks, wood and train tracks.

Then build a train from disposable containers and ironwood coffee tables that require iron and wood to make.

Also, make a frozen bow and align it for a nice pinkish tunnel entrance.

Finally, install some pink and blue public benches to match the bright colors of this design.

6. Disneyland Express

Image source: @alohacrossing

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, at some point you probably get tired of walking around the park.

And if you like a little Disney in your Animal Crossing, then you should make the effort to go on the Disneyland Express!

Start by building a large number of boards and some studs to form concept walls. For the coasters, you’ll want to add some of your favorite Disney characters and princesses.

Then build a brick kiln to modify and run the train engine.

Then all you have to do is put matching designs on Mickey Mouse’s head – it’s his train, after all!

5. Victorian Cafe

Image source: @catland.isle

Sometimes it’s not the train that’s the star of the station.

In this case, I’d say it’s an outdoor café that steals the show from anyone who wants to come in.

Once you have laid the tracks and built your inverted container train, place a small stone terrace on the side.

Then place some ironwood garden chairs and natural garden tables in a small café area.

Don’t forget to provide a cup of coffee and a small snack at each table while you wait your turn.

Finish off this idea with some garden benches near the tracks, and add a Rover trunk for extra entertainment.

4. Modern Station

image source: @esperbitum

My dorm was literally twenty feet from the railroad tracks. So I hear trains go by all day long.

Aside from my memories, this is a more modern version of the station that you can easily recreate.

Public benches and a snack machine create a nice little waiting area, so it’s an easy place to start.

Also adjust brackets that look like windows and train doors.

You’ll also need special paths for the tiles, and make sure you stay behind the yellow line!

3. Subway station in basement

image source: @hilaga.acnh

This station idea takes the previous, throws it together a bit, and places it in the basement of your own home!

But as with all the designs on this list, you’ll still want to modify some of the stands to look like a train, and create custom designs for that pesky yellow line on the stone tile floor.

Then add a few cardboard boxes, a sign on the ground and a tin bucket to show that you have been diligent in maintaining the subway.

The only thing left to do is turn off the lights to create a subway atmosphere.

This is just one of many basement climbing ideas.

2. Tunnel maintenance

image source: sockerstjarna

If you’re looking for a station with a touch of originality, look no further.

The fascinating thing about this station is that it is now closed.

You’ll need to shape the rocks in your space to create a valley, so you can lay multiple tracks and drop a train of containers.

Install some panels at the end of the lanes and make them look like a tunnel. And put wooden shop signs across the street to let villagers know that this train is closed (for now!).

And then create a custom construction sign above the tunnel to inform everyone of the ongoing work.

Then put your things away and don’t forget to sit on the public benches. Although it’s rather pointless to wait since the train isn’t going…..

But if you want to get it going again, that’s another design project for you!

1. Highlights

image source by ninepoints donation

This design is not great because it has super creative elements or beautiful patterns, but because starbursts were used to create this great look.

On one of the lowest levels you want to put a train and a station.

Start laying custom roads and tracks and install a train made of collapsible containers.

You can add objects like a lighthouse and windmills (available on Nook Miles) to animate the scene.

Then you want a beautiful view of the cliff. This rock is at least two to three stories tall, so you will need a lot of landscaping.

Finish it off with a small seating area with public benches and street lights.

And get ready to look forward to a new horizon (literally)!

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