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You know that feeling when you’re trying to create a new simulation or style a new building in TS4, but the current options seem so dull and boring?

Not to overhype EA, but CAS and build/buy items play a big part in TS4’s replayability.

You can only use the same five or six hairstyles or dresses so many times, you know?

If you want new content for The Sims but don’t know what you want, why not check out the CC creators for The Sims 4? These guys, gals and non-binary buddies in the TS4 community may have just what you need to get you back into sim mode.

I’ve divided the list into four categories:

All/General CC, for creators who have items for every conceivable aspect of the game
Recolors, for creators who re-create, re-texture, or re-cut existing TS4 items
CAS CC, for creators who specialize in items specific to The Sims
Buying/Building CC, for creators who only publish furniture and building materials.

All/General Designer CC

1. Natalia examiner

Take a look at this manufacturer.

Although I mainly download hair and poses from this designer, Natalia Auditor actually produces custom content for many TS4 categories:

Accessories, clothing, building/buying supplies and some decorative items.

His textures, especially the hair, are sharper, on the edge of matching.

Personally, I love this designer because he replicates so many great popular media icons.

Think Kyo Renee from Star Wars, Dragons from Skyrim, Cloudstripe from Final Fantasy VII and Akali from League of Legends (KDA version).

There’s one more thing. And much more.

And they also do all the services: unconventional hairstyles, unconventional hair and accessories, unconventional poses – the whole rataplan.

You can find a lot on his Tumblr blog, or check out his Patreon for even more TS4 stuff.

2. Catwers

Take a look at this manufacturer.

If you’re looking for something like Sims 4 CC, you’ve probably already come across Catwalls.

Clothing, props, beautiful poses, CAS backgrounds – anything is possible, Katwers did it.

Personally, I love their individual poses.

The concepts are unique, and they are always very well thought out. And there’s plenty of that too.

From simple solo poses to real group shots, you’re sure to find the pose you’re looking for in the 10+ pages.

Yes, you read that right.

They have also released unique CAS backgrounds and CC makeup pieces. You’re guaranteed to spend hours wandering around the site.

3. SimPlistic

Take a look at this manufacturer.

SimPlistic is another one of the OG CC makers that focuses on most categories.

They have some CAS items – mostly items – and lots of items to build/buy in Maxi’s match textures.

This is the story of a longtime creator of user-generated content who was inspired by Simmer to share his work for his game. In addition to sharing their hundreds of CC pieces for free, they are also one of the few creators with their own website, carefully tagged, organized and categorized.

The effort SimPlistic has put into the TS4 CC community is insane, and we love them for it.

4. Tamo

Take a look at this manufacturer.

Although Tamo doesn’t have many CC items yet, all of his creations are of incredibly high quality.

And Maxi’s play, which is practically a bonus for me (and anyone else who prefers CC), also fits perfectly into the game itself.

Hair, makeup, accessories, clothing, lots of it, and different outfits save the plate, I’d say they cover quite a few categories.

Like I said, there’s not much material in it.

But the ones that are there are very well thought out. Personally, I’m a big fan of their chokers, undershirts and turtlenecks.

RecorderCC Scheppers

5. Piscis

Take a look at this manufacturer.

I think it’s a known fact in the community that TS4 doesn’t offer many color and style options for their elements.

Whether it’s hair or skin colors (thank goodness for the latest update), countertops or pillows, you don’t have many options.

Thank God for records, and thank God for CC makers like Piscis.

Piscis produces vanilla game items with new colors and/or new grids to make them more interesting.

For example: Shorten the top half of the tail of the base set to make it less puffy. Repair tears and ripped shorts to remove rips and add two new denim patterns.

Or the addition of five new color options for a pair of combat boots, increasing the number of variants from three to eight.

These changes can seem rather trivial.

But there’s a large segment of the community that loves the small changes and tweaks to Pisci’s (re)creations.

6. NoodlesSS

Take a look at this manufacturer.

NoodlesCC (aka tainoodles from her main blog) has created a unique palette of 76 colors affectionately named Sorbets Remix.

And they have painted dozens, if not hundreds, of TS4 vanilla objects with this palette.

Hair, clothes, eyes, beds, etc., have been redesigned in 76 new colors; 19 colors in all, in four shades (light, light pastel, medium, dark).

This makes the objects in the game more versatile and interesting, which increases the playability of the game.

We Simmers just need more flowers, okay?

That’s why the TS3 color wheel was so popular.

CAS/CC creator

7. Pralinesics

Take a look at this manufacturer.

There is probably not a CC Simmer alive who does not know Pralinesim….. If you’ve ever been looking for something custom – whether it’s hair, makeup, accessories, skin details or standard replacements – you’ve probably come across Praline more than once.

Ask any Sims 4 player which CC maker they recommend, and I guarantee Pralinesims will be on that list.

This creator makes the most glorious Alpha CC pieces in the Sims community.

From lipsticks that make every Sim’s lips look full and luscious, to freckles and photographic birthmarks, I swear everything they do is absolutely magical.

(And they are honestly responsible for 80% of my custom TS4 makeup).

You only have to look at their product photos to see how talented they are. Fortunately, their website is clean and uncluttered, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find what you’re looking for on their site.

And if you want to check the TSR, you can visit the Pralinsims page here. There is still a lot of work to do!

8. Kismet Sims

Take a look at this manufacturer.

I feel like Kismet Sims is one of those underrated creators of custom content that most sims sleep a night over.

They have a very unique way of designing Sims, and it shows in the details of their CC skin (dark circles, lip masks, etc.) and hair.

Since their designs are still in the Maxi’s Match sphere, I really like everything they release.

If you prefer Alpha CC or hyper-realistic textures, these might not be your thing.

Anyway, their original meshes are pretty unique and quirky, and I’ve seen a lot of color in their work (especially their Oceans hair), so I think they definitely deserve a place in this list.

9. GoppolsMe

Take a look at this manufacturer.

GoppolsMe, like Pralinesims, is one of those TS4 CC makers who have found a niche for themselves and are claiming a permanent place.

Personally, I love them because I’m a big fan of K-Beauties: Skincare, makeup, color palette – whatever it is, I’m going to fall in love with it.

And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

So if you share a passion for delicate roses, pale carpets and shimmering pink eyeshadow with subtle winged liner, you will definitely fall in love with GoppolMe’s creations. They make a lot of great Alpha class makeup kits.

10. Pixies

Take a look at this manufacturer.

Pyxis (with the username @pyxiidis) is a TS4 CC creator that creates unique content.

And that’s not an exaggeration at all.

They make a plethora of maxis that match skin blends, skin details, body covers and supernatural body details.

Think chrome aliens, mint fairies, horned satyrs and milk-eyed monsters. Check out their download pages: Fangs, scales, horns, antennae, eye replacements and pointed ears by the dozen.

Her original simulations are very cute, and she’s certainly managed to create a whimsical and quirky aesthetic.

If you like their style, I recommend you 10/10 to check out their content.

11. Hoshi

Take a look at this manufacturer.

If you’ve ever come across the Simsphora brand, you’ve almost certainly seen Hoshi (or hoshi-sim).

This creator has embarked on an absolutely brilliant project to recreate the popular makeup utensils in The Sims 4.

Your makeup lover, the Sim beauty guru, can use the best-selling eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, blush, and contour sets in the game with her own creations.

You don’t have many CCs to choose from. But the quality of their content more than makes up for that.

All their downloads are in Alpha CC and can be found in the Navigation tab of their website.

12. S-Club

Take a look at this manufacturer.

Another big name in the TS4 CC community, the S-Club is actually a creator account created and managed by different people (just using the names MK, LL and WM).

They do a lot of makeup, hair and skin mixing.

But I’d say most of their products are Alpha CC clothing and accessories.

And they certainly look sophisticated and elegant, right down to the art.

Seriously – this is the look of all ugly rooms: thin, small, and looks like it costs more than my rent. Think of pearl necklaces, rose gold earrings, designer brooches and beautiful diamond clips.

They even have fake nails to press (for a high-end simulation, that’s a lot more than ordinary handiwork, you know?).

13. Sims4 Marigold

Take a look at this manufacturer.

If you want Alpha CC shoes for the Sims 4, then you want something made by Sims4 Marigold.

As a Korean content creator that perfectly replicates the Korean mode for TS4, all of her stuff is incredibly unique.

In her catalog, you’ll find sweaters with ruffles, ombre skirts, peasant blouses, oversized jersey dresses, and more.

All original models that, quite frankly, you won’t find anywhere else.

Dresses aside, I’d say their biggest claim to fame – and what they’re best known for – is probably their custom-made shoes. The choice of styles is insane.

Whether it’s chunky white shoes or combat boots with exaggerated soles, there are parts (the shoes) of the portfolio that stand for a kind of quirky fashion that would look good with just about any flooring.

14. Simple-minded

Take a look at this manufacturer.

If you’d rather shoot CC alpha than Maxis match textures, then simplicity should be one of your goals for CAS content.

On their website they offer free custom hair, makeup, clothing and accessories – and they are all very well done.

There are only a handful of items for each category, but the quality of the items makes them worth checking out.

And if you’re into makeup, Simpliciaty also offers TS4 replicas of real beauty products, such as… B. Kylie Jenner Anastasia Beverly Hills matte liquid lipsticks.

15. Pink cake

Take a look at this manufacturer.

Some of the best Alpha CC clothing I’ve seen for TS4 comes from this designer.

Personally, I don’t think the alpha class clothing looks good on my sims. Since I don’t change the standard Maxis textures for them, and all the CC hair I use is clay, the difference can be frustrating.

However, I have to say that most of the pinkzombie cupcakes creations are pretty much in line with TS4’s unmodified vanilla textures.

Because the details of the fabric – such as pleats, folds, etc. – are used subtly and sparingly, the garments do not appear hyper-realistic. – are used subtly and sparingly, the garments do not appear hyper-realistic. – are used subtly and sparingly, the garments do not appear hyper-realistic.

So even if you’re more of a Maxis fan, you can use and enjoy most of their content.

16. Natalis

Take a look at this manufacturer.

NataliS is a popular artist on The Sims Source. That way, you can be sure to get some of the best user-generated content when you upload their creations.

They specialize almost exclusively in accessories and offer dozens (if not hundreds) of earrings, necklaces, chokers, tiaras and handbags.

All pieces are unique and cover a wide range of styles: elegant, stylish, tasteful, simple, innovative, flush, they have a ring, pendant or hoop design to suit you!

17. Madeleine

Take a look at this manufacturer.

For the simmers and trendy sims, Madlen (or madlensims) produces some of the hottest and highest quality custom parts for TS4.

Pleated coats, beige trenchcoats with faux fur, leather suits with fur trim, jumpsuits with corsets….. The broadcast is incredible (and incredibly beautiful).

Each item comes with a fair amount of color variations.

And if you ever get tired of the selection of vanilla play shoes, don’t worry.

Madlen offers over 700 maxis match shoes for download. The current number is 767, which means you’ll have a lot of shopping to do if you ever decide to explore their download page.

18. ChloeMM

Take a look at this manufacturer.

Do you know how hard it is to find Maxis Match CC clothing for TS4?

The most talented clothing manufacturers rely on Alpha CC or photo leather textures for their products.

I don’t know if it’s because the realistic mix makes it easier to recreate real clothes for the game? But that’s the reality I have to deal with as a picky SS sailor.

That’s why I’m an avid follower of ChloeMM.

They make incredibly fashionable clothing that fits perfectly with EA’s standard textures, and the quality of each item is fantastic.

Your Sims and even the Townies can dance around in cute tops, colorful lollipops, and summer dresses without a huge gap between your body and your clothing.

19. Night Crawlers

Take a look at this manufacturer.

Besides clothing, I truly believe that custom hair will always be one of the sim community’s greatest needs.

It seems that no matter how many game packs, accessory packs and expansion packs EA releases, the hairstyles in the base game will always be limited.

I mean, I totally understand. Many of us express ourselves with our hair. And not everyone likes shaggy hats or feminine waves.

Fortunately, Nightcrawler Sims is here to meet that demand with amazing, high-quality pieces.

They have over 200 Alpha CC hairstyles available for download and they are all beautifully done.

Not to mention the incredible variety. Whether it’s long, highlighted hair or sprawling urban buns with bangs, there seems to be something for every personal style.

20. Wing structures

Take a look at this manufacturer.

Wingssims is another popular artist on The Sims source, and it’s not hard to see why: their custom hairstyles are gorgeous.

Smooth, shiny and with beautiful details.

I’m talking about locks of varying lengths, small rebellious locks, smooth and silky tones, soft edges…. the whole nine yards.

If you want to use Alpha CC for your CAS work, I can’t recommend their creations enough.

They have over 300 hairstyles to choose from and they are all beautiful. And that’s not an exaggeration. Each item they produce has a unique charm.

21. Simandi

Take a look at this manufacturer.

As someone who has more to do with Alpha CC hair than Maxi’s matcha hair, I can’t stress how happy I am to have found this manufacturer.

Simandi does a lot of custom hair (both original knits and colors) and also custom skin blends.

Personally, I love the soft and airy feel of all her creations.

I think it works really well for a clay texture. It also looks good in the game.

Many of their custom pieces are very whimsical and unique. Think messy space buns, pseudo-chemical hairstyles, two-tone hairstyles and hair with tassels in the middle.

I think it will be hard to find a similar hairstyle from other designers.

They have some clothing and accessories, but most of Simandy’s portfolio (I’m talking over five pages) is custom made TS4 hair.

22. Leah Lilith

Take a look at this manufacturer.

While the wing hair was photorealistic and incredibly detailed, Leah Lilith’s approach is much softer and more subtle.

Their creations are definitely still Alpha CC, but there are a few things that are almost reminiscent of Maxi’s game.


Personally, I think it fits his style well.

Its contents are so soft and rich that it reminds me of super soft, super curly hair, the kind of hair that gets a deep conditioner, hair masks and professional treatments at least once a week.

Most of their content also comes with a decent amount of color options. Yes, diversity!

23. Marsosima

Take a look at this manufacturer.

While I don’t use much of their material for my games, I enjoy browsing through Marsosim’s gallery.

First of all, the original Sims are cute. They have such a quirky 3D animation quality that I love (and would kill to be able to make them for my own Sims, really).

Second, his creations are amazing. These are easily some of the best custom maxi match hairstyles I’ve seen in the community.

Most of the content she offers is for female sims, but the pieces she offers for male sims are just as unique and high quality.

And even though I put them in the hair category, I recommend you check out their custom clothing as well.

A fun fact! The creator uses Filipino words to call them CC (hair + clothes), and the history of some parts can be quite funny.

If you speak the language, you will enjoy reading their explanations/calls.

24. Wild Poodle

Take a look at this manufacturer.

One of the main reasons some Maxis Simmers don’t like matchy-matchy hair is the lack of shine and body.

Clay’s texture can often be just as thick, coarse and overly cartoonish, especially compared to Alpha CC’s realistic blonde and crazy highlights. So I can understand why it’s not their cup of tea.

Feral Poodles seems to have taken this into account when creating her pieces, as all of her custom hairstyles have slight hints of shine and a sort of matte sheen that gives each piece a so….. lot of character.

In some pieces (like Bella and Hazel’s hair) even individual strands are visible! It’s a nice blend of the two textures that works too well.

25. Anto

Take a look at this manufacturer.

If you love Alpha CC’s stylish hairstyles, you’ll definitely love Anto’s pudding creations.

They have hairstyles you’d see on a smart, successful New York character in a tacky romantic comedy.

They are all a bit neat, elegant, smooth from behind, impeccably smoothed, with a light touch or the perfect haircut.

When I see its contents, one sentence comes to mind: Not a hair out of place. And I think it’s easy to see why.

And, bonus: most of their custom hair is available in over 30 color options. I love it when designers give us variety.

But then again, I don’t use his stuff much. But I’m incredibly guilty of scrolling through his TSR gallery and enjoying the pretty pictures.

Tell the wise men if you intend to do the same: This can be addictive.

26. Green lambs

Take a look at this manufacturer.

Greenllamas has a very clean, matte haircut that looks good in the game.

I will say that their contents also don’t look as thick, bristly, or chunky as most of Maxis’ matchsticks.

Personally, I prefer the bumpy, toned look, but I can also see how her softer, more subtle and sophisticated style might appeal to others.

I also think they have some of the best custom variations for shoulder to chin length jocks.

From sleek cuts to slightly wavy numbers, lush curls and sleek, playful locks, they make short hair look great.

100% recommended if you’re looking for ways to spice up your manic pixie look.

Purchases/purchases from CC producers

27. Severinka_

Take a look at this manufacturer.

Severinka is another leading figure in the Sims CC community (and another well-known artist on TSR).

If you’ve always dreamed of a different rug, a more elegant dining chair, or beautiful handmade decorative wooden toys for your Sim baby’s room, check out their gallery.

Severinka currently offers over 2,000 works for download. So it should be no problem to find what you are looking for in their gallery.

They also specialize almost exclusively in furniture sets.

So these more than 2,000 creations contain at least three or more themes.

Yes, Severinka is definitely a valuable gift to the Sims community.

28. Riran

Take a look at this manufacturer.

The Sims 4 has perhaps the best and most intuitive build/buy gameplay of any Sims game to date. But that means nothing to Jack if you’re a talentless, hopeless builder (like me).

Seriously, if I leave all the houses to themselves, they will look like boxes with windows and a roof.

Don’t get me started.

That’s why Riran is my personal hero.

They make a lot of custom furniture kits and CC builds that we can download (and use) for free!

The house is fully furnished and absolutely beautiful inside. The furniture sets are also tailored to a specific room (e.g. kitchen set, bedroom set, fireplace set, etc.), so you can use the sample photos as a guide.

All their custom details are of such quality they are almost ridiculous.

29. K-Hippie

Take a look at this manufacturer.

This CC designer for The Sims 4 has a very distinctive grungy, worn, urban-industrial style to his self-built/purchased items that I rarely see anywhere else.

Unlike Rirann and Severinka_, they do not make furniture or parts kits.

Instead, K-hippy CC produces batches that are radically different variations of one or two custom elements – think different textures/designs for a container truck wall, or different colors and rust patterns for an old industrial design gate.

What they do is a little different than what I do, but it’s my personal challenge when I need a specific element to build.

I also love the incredible quality and detail of his work.

The austere, dingy look is a bit of a gamble for TS4, as it can look messy and unpainted in game if the designer doesn’t know what he’s doing….. Well, that’s clearly not the case for the K-Hippie team.

30. SIM Unbelievable!

Take a look at this manufacturer.

This manufacturer is also one of my favorites, especially since their custom pieces come in so many beautiful wood designs.

I love using wood textures for my constructions.

Unfortunately, the options for the vanilla game are pretty limited …..

Maybe I’m boring, but I prefer my ledge houses in warm earth tones and safe beige tones.

The creations of SIMcredible! meet these requirements almost perfectly. Wooden furniture, wooden shelves, coffee-coloured carpet, cedar ornaments….. I rarely run out of variations when I use their material for my games.

But that doesn’t mean his creations lack color.

In fact, many of their novelties come in bright, fun shades!

They just have a very varied color palette that fits with different interior styles. I sincerely appreciate that they don’t give us the quality and variety of the Simmers.

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