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By way of background, the Chroma Quaternion is a new type of gaming controller that combines the precision of the mouse with the immediacy of the game controller. It does this by giving the player a mouse-like interface that allows for precise movement but also a clickable joystick that allows for quick movement. In other words, as a player, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Chroma Quaternion is an upcoming puzzle game by indie developer Chibig, whose previous work includes the critically acclaimed puzzle game, “Fallen”. In Chroma Quaternion, the player takes control of a robot that has the ability to jump between the three dimension and the fourth dimension. The player must use this dimension hopping ability to solve a series of puzzle that involve using the robot to paint all of the tiles of a puzzle with the same color.

JRPGs are numerous these days. Many take an idea that has become popular in an older game and make it the main focus of the whole project. They bring absolutely nothing to the table and are probably hoping to make some quick cash, it can be exhausting going through some of these games to find one that is really worthwhile. That’s probably why u1 are here today, to see if the time and money you invest in Chroma Quaternion are worth it. word-image-3054 That’s right, one of the main characters is a big hairy dog! Chroma Quaternion talks about the four seasons, the justice with which they behave in each season, and the 16-bit art style conjures up clear images of The Legend of Zelda for me: The Oracle of the Seasons. The characters are written in a way that is easy to understand, and as a teacher you are essentially just like a JRPG character before you go out into the world, meet new characters and put together your party. The overworld resembles that of the early Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest games, but for the most part is a bit more streamlined and linear. As someone who was never very good at the old ambiguous JRPGs, mostly due to a bad tendency to suffer from ADHD and completely forget what the last character said I needed to do, I appreciate having a to-do list that tells me the next step in the story. word-image-3055 Ever wanted to cut derpies that look like slime flowers? The characters in Chroma Quaternion are written fairly simply, making it easy to follow each story and what they have to say; the same goes for the music. Everything is appropriate, fitting the mood and tone of the setting (cheerful in the spring parts, atmospheric in the winter parts), but there’s nothing that stands out that makes you want to listen to the OST. That said, the end boss theme in Chroma Quaternion is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard in a JRPG. There’s so much tension and such a big tool hook that you almost want to watch out that you don’t kill the boss too quickly. word-image-3056 The drawing design is very beautiful. One very important thing I absolutely respect about Chroma Quaternion is the way it respects your time. Exe-Create, the game’s developer, knows that many people want to delve into JRPGs, a genre known for not being very beginner-friendly, but not everyone has much time to play them. This is evident in the simplified, streamlined, but no less interesting list of quests in the game. You can also influence the frequency of random encounters you encounter while exploring a dungeon. In each of them there is a crystal that allows you to set the collision speed. So you can reduce the collision speed to half the normal speed if you don’t really like fighting, but also double it if you like the game’s simple but effective fighting system. I also liked that most dungeons usually have a different crystal halfway through, so you can change how often they appear at will. word-image-3057 Probably… In short, KEMCO has released another unique and highly entertaining JRPG. Although the film follows simpler plot lines, I appreciated the lack of cumbersome set pieces and the emphasis on being relaxed and easy to follow. If you want to experience an old-school JRPG, but can’t quite wrap your head around the clich├ęd and lazy nature of old Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, Chroma Quaternion is a good (and cheap) way to get acquainted with the genre’s stylistic features and mechanics.

The graphics are not flashy, but everything is in place and the colors match the variety of locations represented in the game. The typical JRPG battle system may make it seem like just another JRPG, but the innovation you won’t find in other games is where Chroma Quaternion really excels.
Perfect music for all areas. If one song really stands out, it has become a real earworm. Overall, this is one of the best hidden gems in a JRPG that unfortunately is often overlooked. Since the developers clearly value the player’s time, it’s worth giving this game a try if you’re new to the genre.
Final decision: 8.0

Chroma Quaternion is already available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PC and mobile devices. The test was conducted on the Xbox Series X. A copy of Chroma Quaternion was provided by the publisher.


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