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The mechanics surprise you with moments of unreliability. The first time I followed his instructions, he alerted two guards to my presence, even though I managed to sneak past them. I thought maybe it was my own fault, until I realized it had become a common theme; the flawed mechanics had been underused and abused throughout the campaign. Attacking enemies from a distance is done by throwing collected or shared items, including flammable liquid bottles, rubber bullets and Velcro grenades. Artillery, like the handy flamethrower, ignites Slug’s slime but helps you open passageways and block barriers. Spray a few oil lamps on the tall grass to ignite a controlled flame, burn the wooden fence to create a passageway, then extinguish it by throwing bottles of water on the burning fire. That’s cool.

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Another problem I encountered was the layout of the Soulstorm buttons, especially in the PlayStation 5 version. While it may have been acceptable in 1999 (and is still debatable) to assign the sprint button to R1, it is certainly unconventional to put it there now. I love what happens in the Bluepoint remake of Shadow of the Colossus, where the game’s action button was a triangle – still a very irrelevant switch. While I can respect the studio for implementing faithful features, there is an unwarranted inaccuracy introduced into the targeted controls that is completely unnecessary. Without further ado: the right analogue stick lacks grip when you try to throw a glass bottle through the enclave, and of course all I threw was a napkin, throwing gas-filled cups at each obstacle in the hope that the area would suddenly explode.

Then there are problems with the audio mix. Turn up the volume, turn down the volume and repeat this cycle, but beware of headphone users, this is a trap. There’s a big difference between the voices in crossovers and playdates, and it’s not just because you’re jumping in and out of each scene. No, it’s the levels that are more than unbalanced. An example would be the opening scene with Abe talking to the shaman. Abe’s voice whispers softly as the surrounding parts outside can be heard clearly over the shaman. On the contrary, it should have been an indication of what to expect. But the title is absolutely amazing. The interior might be a bit bare, but the hard shell shows that Oddworld’s future is quite acceptable. An exemplary alien world aesthetic that expresses the apocalyptic perspective of Abe’s desperate escapades.

It’s a crazy world: Soulstorm has some entertaining qualities, but forgets to paint its rough exterior after determining its range. The refinery is profitable for optics and how it can shape the future of the franchise. I see the direction, and perhaps the positive outcome, of this – the storm of the soul can be a brake that embraces the wonderful worldly. Given our advanced conditions, game development has been an unprecedented challenge for the entire industry. While the work-from-home culture makes it extremely difficult to organize a studio-dependent environment, I’m still amazed at the sheer number of development teams involved in presenting this remake. Anyway, Oddworld: Soulstorm is a satisfying offering that will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in April. But those considering buying a stock might consider looking for Soul.

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