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  1. Open the Minecraft server directory in File Explorer.
  2. Then open the EULA.txt file in a text editor like. B. Notepad.
  3. The EULA.txt file will contain the entry eula=false. Change it so that eula=true, and save the document.

Solution4 – Minecraft server batch file configuration

If you can’t open a Minecraft server from the command line, you can set up a batch file to do so. This way you can open a jar version of the Minecraft server with a batch file:

  1. Type Notepad in the Windows search box and open Notepad.
  2. Then copy and paste the following text into Notepad using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V: java -Xms1024M -Xmx2048M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui pause. Alternatively, you can type java -Xms1024M -Xmx2048M -jar minecraft_server.jar in Notepad without the nogui tag to open a server with a GUI window.
  3. Click File > Save As to open the following window.
  4. In the File Type drop-down menu, choose All Files.
  5. Then you need to save the batch as starterver.bat.
  6. Choose to save the starterver.bat file in the same server folder as minecraft_server.jar.
  7. You can then double click on the starterver.bat file to start the Minecraft server.

Solution 5 – Run the exe version of the Minecraft server as administrator

If you get the message Can’t save server.properties when you open the Minecraft server exe (Minecraft_Server.exe), run it as administrator.

So you have to right click on it and select Run as administrator. Then you may also need to enter the administrator’s password to start the server.

Solution 6 – Install Windows updates

If you play Minecraft through Windows 10, Windows updates can have a significant impact on how the game (and other games) work.

It is recommended to keep your system up-to-date. To install the latest updates, go to Settings > Updates & Security and check for updates.

Solution 7 – Uninstall Windows updates

It could also be that a bad Windows update has disrupted the game. If you think this is the case, the best solution is to simply remove the problematic update. Here’s how:

  1. Press the Windows key + I to open the Settings program.
  2. After opening the Settings application, go to Updates & Security.
  3. Click the Windows Updates tab, and then click Update History.
  4. Click on the Remove Updates button.
  5. A list of installed updates is now displayed. Select the problem update you want to remove and click the Uninstall button.
  6. After removing the update, restart your computer.

Solution 8 – Reset windscreen battery

If something is wrong with the Winstock settings, Minecraft probably can’t connect to the server. The solution in this case is to restart winstock.

If you don’t know how to do this, just follow these steps:

  1. Run the command line as administrator. Type cmd in the Windows search box, right click on the first result and select Run as administrator.
  2. When the command line opens, type the following strings:
    • Resetting the winsock grid
    • restoring networks to ip networks
  3. Close the command line and restart the computer.

Users have reported that this solution usually solves IP configuration issues, but remember that you are using a static IP address that you will need to reconfigure.

If the previous commands did not work, you can also try the following commands:

  • ipconfig / Enable
  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig / update

Now you can expect to open your Minecraft server download. The server generates your default Minecraft world, which you can replace with a registered game world.

Then you can open Minecraft, choose multiplayer mode and add a server with an IP address.

If you have any other questions or don’t understand any of the steps, feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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