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A common aspect of all RPGs is the huge amount of loot that falls to the ground. It can be very time consuming to sift through all the junk to determine what is worth keeping for your character. The Last Age is no different, but thankfully they take the game from the Path of Exile book and allow you to create and customize your own loot filters. You can also easily import loot filters from other players through the in-game system. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Last Epoch Heist’s filters, what they do, and give you some basics to get you started.

What are the load filters of the last era?

Load filters are essentially an automatic way to sort through the loot and mark which ones are worth keeping. This eliminates a lot of screen clutter when you kill a lot of people at once. The options allow you to hide elements that do not match your class, display elements with certain base types, and always display unique and defined elements. You can select different filter classes and set colors for each item that meets your specific criteria.

In short, loot filters are an easy way to quickly determine which items are appropriate for your character. Inventory space is limited and your time is precious. This makes loot filters a must for any serious player who doesn’t want to spend hours sifting through low quality rare items. The basic loot filters are also perfect for casual players, who can start and continue as they become more familiar with The Last Age and learn which items are worth starting and chasing.

To create a bootstrap filter in the last era

To create a Heist filter in the last era, press Shift+F on your keyboard to open the Heist Filter menu. Start creating the filter by clicking the Add Rule button. You can choose from visibility options to show, hide and repaint items that meet certain criteria.

To make a good loot filter, you need to know a little more about the structure of your particular class. Many players like to approach games like Last Epoch by first planning their character and deciding what items and stats they want to focus on. Here are some basic flight filtering concepts that you are likely to use, regardless of your configuration.

  • Hide objects that are not appropriate for your class.
  • Specific color affixes for your class.
  • Always showcase unique, beautiful and proven elements.
  • Displays the current basic types during alignment.
  • Show the highest base type for the endgame.

Note that these are basic accumulation filters, but they serve as a solid foundation for future improvements. For more sophisticated filters, scroll down the page.

How to import loading filters into Last Era

If making heist filters isn’t your thing, but you still want to use them, Last Epoch has a feature for you. You can import loot filters from other players via .xml files or raw insertion data. Learn how to import loot filters in the newest era:

  • Press Shift+F to open the Charge Filter menu.
  • Select No filter from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Import Filters button.
  • Select Open filter folder if you want to place an .xml file in the folder.
  • Select Paste the clipboard contents when copying the filter to the clipboard.

Charge filter of the last class of the era

Here are some basic loot filters from the last era for each of the five classes, courtesy of Heavy :

Use these Heist filters as a starting point and add your own rules that suit your style. We recommend adding filters for specific weapon categories depending on your build. Also recolor the affixes of the elements needed for your design. Place these new rules at the top of the filter (using drag and drop) above the repeat rules to make them stricter.

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