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There are many alternatives to iTunes. But maybe you want the best from them. Then this iMazing review is for you.

iTunes is the official manager of the Apple iPhone. However, it is not suitable for all applications. In fact, it doesn’t really meet the needs of all types of users. The result are the popular third-party iPhone management tools. People trust them for many reasons. iMazing is one of them. If you are considering purchasing this software, read this overview article to see if it can meet your needs.

iMazing Summary and Review

Name : iMazing

Offer a price: 35.99

Currency: USD

Operating System : Windows, OS X

Application category : Usability

  • Features
  • Power
  • Interface
  • Price


iMazing is a software to transfer photos, music, videos and other multimedia content from your iPhone/iPad/iPod to your PC/Mac. You can also manage your iPhone backup and do many other things wirelessly with this alternative to iTunes.


  • Large photo manager
  • Wireless control iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Automatic backups
  • Easily transfer media content between iOS devices and PC/Mac.
  • Excellent features and performance

iMazing Overview

iMazing is the perfect alternative to iTunes. It can transfer media, files, messages, call and browsing history and more between PC/Mac and iPhone/iPad/iPod. It can also do many other things that can help you in many ways. People trust this powerful and user-friendly software for many reasons. Let’s go through this iMazing review to get detailed ideas about them.

Features and specifications:

Here are the latest specifications of the latest iMazing.

Seller DigiDNA
Name of the software iMazing
Newest version iMazing 2.11
Supported Operating Systems Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Mac OS X Catalina, Mojave, Sierra, EI Captain, Yosemite, Mavericks
iTunes support 12.2.0 and higher
Installer size 104 MB
Size of the installation 256 MB

iMazing has all the necessary functions and some extra. Some of these features you won’t find in many other iTunes alternatives. The photo manager in particular is incomparable. Anyway, here are the most useful features of this software.

  • An impressive photo manager
  • Transferring content between iOS devices and PC/Mac
  • Automatic backup via wireless cable or Lightning
  • Functional Application Manager
  • Exporting a Whatsapp conversation
  • File Management
  • Access your call history, messages, contacts, calendar, Safari history, bookmarks, and more.
  • Warranty Check
  • Battery Information
  • Update/Reinstall iOS
  • Delete phone
  • Wirelessly control iOS devices
  • Encryption
  • And much more.

Decent Photo Manager

All popular alternatives to iTunes have a photo manager. But they are slow and not very stable. But in this respect, iMazing is unique. The latest version brings an excellent photo manager that lets you edit your iPhone photos in real time. Previously, it was only available in the Mac version. But recently this decent photo manager has landed in the Windows version of iMazing.

Globally, half of all iPhone users use Windows and do not own a Mac. With iMazing, they have a great way to manage their photos, just like on a Mac.

Transferring content between devices

iMazing can transfer photos, videos, music and other media from your iPhone to your Mac/PC. The biggest difference, however, is that it can be done wirelessly. This eliminates the need to connect a lightning rod every time you want to transfer content. It’s effortless and time-saving. It also has a feature called Quick Transfer that lets you drag and drop media content to your iPhone.

Perfect backup of your iPhone/iPad or iPod

If you want to make a full backup of your iPhone or iPad, including all its contents and data, you can do so with iMazing. Later you can restore it if you need to. The backup process can be performed automatically according to a schedule you define. If your PC or Mac and your iOS device are on the same WiFi network, iMazing will automatically back up your iOS device. It has the ability to archive backups. You can use it to automatically delete backups that are older than a certain time period. You can encrypt the backup with a password or leave it unencrypted if you wish.

Access to messages, contacts, calendar, browsing history, etc.

Some popular iPhone managers do not have access to your messages, browsing history, bookmarks, etc. But iMazing does. After saving, you can view your messages, call history, contacts, calendar, browsing history, etc. Contacts can be exported in Excel, vCard or CSV format. You can search for text messages and use the search bar to find a specific message. It can be useful in many situations.

Battery information

This is a small feature that is present in very few iTunes alternatives. But, it can be useful. Apple already has a feature built into your iPhone that lets you see the status of your battery. But iMazing can show you more information about your battery. It contains the current health status in percent, temperature, maximum capacity, charge cycles, serial number, charger information and much more. This will help you decide if you need to replace the iPhone battery.

Perfect Application Manager

iMazing has a feature that allows you to control the apps on your iOS device directly from your computer. Unlike other iPhone managers, it can install applications directly from the App Store. You can also manage your app store library and remove/install any app on your device.

Controlling an unlimited number of iOS devices via WiFi

To control an iPhone, iPad or iPod from a PC or Mac, users typically need to connect a Lightning Rod for full functionality. But after the initial setup, iMazing can control your iOS devices wirelessly. Each time you open this application, it automatically detects your wireless devices. Surprisingly, there is no limit to the device. So if you have multiple iOS devices, you can manage them from one place. This means you can wirelessly manage backups, export or import photos and other content, view battery data and manage applications. To do this, the iPhone/iPad and the PC/Mac must be on the same network. However, there are other things you can do with iMazing. You will be happy to know that you can uninstall, upgrade or reinstall the operating system directly from this software. However, these sensitive operations require the use of a flash cable and cannot be performed wirelessly.

Additional useful functions

iMazing has other small features that are also useful in many situations. For example, check the warranty. Learn more about Apple’s warranty service with this feature. Or low battery notification, HEIC to JPG, custom ringtone import, whatsapp message view/export, console, logs, etc are other features you will find.

User Interface:

The iMazing interface is easy to use. No need to navigate between tabs to get the options you need, as you get them all on the main screen. When you connect your iPhone, your device information is displayed on the left and other options are available on the right, divided into another 3 columns. Otherwise, it will show you the lock screen of your iPhone when it is locked and show you the home screen when it is unlocked. Everything is going to happen live. Overall, it’s a nice and easy to navigate user interface.

Performance evaluation and in-depth analysis of iMazing

I used iMazing for a few days to get an idea. Overall, it worked very well. More importantly, it has met most of my needs without issue. All functions are very well executed. After opening this iPhone manager on your PC for the first time, it will recommend you to make a full backup of your phone. In fact, you should. Because it gives you access to your messages, call logs and other limited data. Apple policy states that you cannot view this data with third-party software.

In any case, the backup process went very smoothly and without any problems. You can set the schedule and leave the WiFi option enabled. This allows iMazing to automatically back up your iOS device when your phone and PC/Mac are on the same network. It also works very smoothly. Best of all, you don’t have to connect it via USB every time you want to control it. Only for certain unusual tasks should you connect it to a lightning rod. Another good thing is that you can display your device’s console directly in iMazing. This will give you important information that can help you solve various problems.

The file transfer speed is good, even when using a WiFi network. However, it may take a few seconds longer to display all photo thumbnails when using the wireless device. This depends on the speed of your WLAN connection. Overall, the iMazing experience is quite fascinating. Probably the best experience I’ve had with a program like this.


I found no major drawbacks except the price. The price of iMazing licenses is slightly higher than some competitors. However, the annual license has no limit on the number of iOS devices you can manage.


Prices start at $44.99 for a lifetime PC/Mac. The original price may seem a little higher. But viewers can get it for $35.99, a 20 percent discount off the regular price. It can give you a smooth experience with great features that are worth the price. Allows you to control two Apple iOS devices. However, to manage an unlimited number of Apple devices, you need a license that costs just $47.99 per year. All of these discounted prices are for the .COM audience only. iMazing does have a trial version though. You can try it before you buy it. For your convenience, we have provided a complete table of iMazing prices.

Price iOS limit fordevices Validity
$44.99 $35.99 2 For life
$49.99 $39.99 3 For life
$69.99 $55.99 5 For life
$129.99 10 For life
$59.99 $47.99 Unlimited 1 year

Message: The lifetime license includes minor updates. But, this does not include a lifetime upgrade. For example, iMazing 1-2. However, existing customers will receive a significant discount when upgrading to the new version. Additionally, the lifetime license is limited to the number of iOS devices, not the number of PCs or Macs. If you have used the maximum number of iOS devices allowed in a lifetime license, you must renew the license to use your new iOS device.

Last thought:

In this iMazing review, I have tried to introduce you to almost all the features. So you already have an idea of this iPhone manager. You can choose the software you want. But I definitely recommend iMazing. It is the perfect third party iPhone manager that can do a great job. You can try the free trial version and if you are impressed, you can buy the full version. Even if you have already used it, you can leave your comments in the comment box.

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