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Saving messages and managing your collection on Instagram

Do you know how to save posts and manage your collection on Instagram? How do you create and use Instagram collections? Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for sharing posts and stories. If you follow major hashtags on Instagram, you’ll see a lot of posts that you want to save for future reference or other reasons. In the following article, you will learn how to use the save feature to save messages for later and organize them into collections.

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How to save posts on Instagram

You can save an Instagram post for later, and adding it to the collection doesn’t have to be easy (getting those saved posts is a whole other story). We’ll show you how to save Instagram posts to create collections.

  • Open the Instagram application on your mobile phone
  • Once you’ve found the IG job, make sure you bookmark it.
  • Just click on the Save option in the bottom right corner of the message you want to save (it will appear as a bookmark icon).
  • After clicking the button, IG writes it to All Messages.
  • Then you will also see the option Add to collection (if you have already created collections), otherwise you need to create the collection first.
  • One of the best ways to add an item to the collection. Click and hold the Save button to open the Add to Collection window.

Save item and add to collection

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How to create and use Instagram collections

The first time you want to add a message to a collection, you must first create a collection. We’ll show you how to create and use Instagram collections.

  • Press the plus sign (+)
  • Then enter the name Assemble and click Finish.
  • The message is stored in the newly created collection.
  • You can now save the message to an existing collection. Just press the Save option, and then the Collect button.

Create a new collection

Save item in an existing collection

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To find saved messages on Instagram

If you want to find your saved Instagram posts. IG has hidden the registration option behind the menu. These are the next steps:

  • Go to the end of the social media application
  • Click on the profile icon
  • Then click on the main menu in the top right corner.
  • Now select the Saved option from the list.
  • You should now review all your collections. To view all saved messages, tap the All Messages option.
  • Now you can go down and click on the bar to quickly jump on it.

Go to search for saved messages

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How to manage posts and collections on Instagram

Because we use the save feature to create collections, there may be times when you want to delete messages or permanently remove collections. Learn how to manage your messages and collections.

  • Go to Profile and Saved Data.
  • Click on the collection
  • Press the additional menu item at the top right of the screen.
  • If you want to permanently delete the collection, click Delete Collection.
  • Then click Delete on the next screen to confirm the action.
  • Click the Edit Collection option if you want to edit the collection. From here you can change the title image and the name of the collection.

Management of collections

Modify, change cover, name, or delete collection

  • Instagram also has a feature for undoing batch registrations. Click on the Select from menu item and select all the messages you wish to delete.
  • Click on the Delete option. If you are in the All Messages section, the Do Not Save label is displayed.

Delete messages from record

After this guide, you’ll be able to save and collect inspiring and interesting IG posts and know how to make Instagram work better for you.


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To see collections saved on Instagram

If you want to see the saved collection that you have created. Go to your Instagram profile by tapping on your profile picture, tap on the top right and select Saved.

Saving messages on Instagram in the Camera Roll

You can save Instagram videos posted in your IG story. Press to open the IG application. If you’ve posted a story to your Instagram profile, you can save that IG story to your camera roll. After viewing a photo or video from your story that you want to save, select the icon with the three dots in the lower right corner. Click the Save button on the pop-up menu.

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