• How to Fix iPad is Disabled Connect to iTunes Error [Solved]

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Errors occur for a variety of reasons. Then, the solutions are available on my website. Almost all iOS and macOS related solutions are available on my website. You don’t have to worry about mistakes, there are solutions for everything. Here I will give all the solutions to such errors.

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What is the error iPad disconnected from iTunes?

If you are looking for a solution to fix your errors on iPad with iTunes Error disconnected, then you are at the right place to fix your errors. If you have a problem with your Skype account, then you know how to delete your Skype account permanently.

Hai friends after a long time I came back with the perfect solution for iPad related problem, in fact, many of my users started asking me for the solution of iPad disconnected connect to iTunes error. Then I started researching this problem and also tried working on the iPad to fix this bug. Here, in this article, I will give you different methods to solve the problem of iPad not connecting to iTunes. This error mainly occurs when an iPad user enters an incorrect password. Apple automatically disables access to the iPad and you have no way to access it.

  • Message: Never enter wrong password more than 10 times on your iPad, after that you will get error message like iPad disconnected from iTunes which is very difficult to recover.

If you get this error message, you will not be able to open the iPad until you restore it. You can also contact Apple support to get your iPad back. If you don’t remember your password, you have to delete all the data on your iPad, you have no other choice. Don’t worry, follow the steps below to recover your password. If you have not backed up your iPad before, there is no way to back up the data on the device. However, if you back up your iPad, you can restore your data and settings after restoring your iPad. In any case, you can get errors from the AppStore. In this case, try this article AppStore impossible to connect to the AppStore to fix Apple AppStore related errors.


Why is my iPad turned off?

As mentioned earlier, your iPad will log out if you enter the wrong password too many times in a row. I’ll explain what happens when you enter the wrong password too many times in a row on your iPad.

1. Too many password attempts

  • 1-5 wrong password attempts, then you’re good!
  • 6 incorrect password attempts, then the iPad shuts down for 1 minute.
  • 7 incorrect password attempts, then the iPad shuts down for 5 minutes.
  • 8 incorrect password attempts : Your iPad is docked for less than 15 minutes.
  • 9 incorrect password attempts : Your iPad was locked up for an hour.
  • 10 wrong password attempts: Your iPad reports: iPad disabled. Sign in to iTunes.
  • If you accidentally try to reset your iPad to factory settings, you may encounter this error. The only option is to restore the factory settings. This will also completely erase the data on the device, so you need to be mentally prepared for it.

2. iTunes connection error:

Sometimes this error can occur without you having to enter the password more than once. Actually, you’ve done everything right except for not making too many password attempts, but you’re still being bombarded with the iPad disconnected, iTunes login error message when you try to log into iTunes. But you can’t find the exact cause of this error.

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Why is my iPad disconnected?

I made over 10 attempts with the wrong password, and finally got the error message iPad Disabled, Connect to iTunes. Most of the time, kids enter the wrong password or a scammer tries to steal your data. In this case, Apple is definitely thinking about the safety of their customers’ personal data, so they’ve built in so many critical security systems that your iPad is disabled and you can’t even log into iTunes. You can also learn how to perform a hardware reset on the iPhone 6 here.

  • Message: You can enter the same wrong code as many times as you want without disabling the iPad, that is, if your wrong code is 11111111, that is, if you enter this wrong code more than 10 times, there will be no problem with your account, but if you enter 11111112 instead of 1111111111 trying to enter wrong codes, then you will definitely have a problem disabling the iPad.

Error correction solution – iPad turned off, iTunes connection error:

  • Disconnect iPad, reconnect to iTunes
  • Using iPad recovery mode
  • Use of third party software
  • Restore iPad data with iTunes from a previous backup
  • You can solve the problem without recovery
  • Use EaseUS to repair iPhone
  • Fix the non-computer problem.

1. Fix with iTunes iPad not connected, connect to iTunes Error:

In my opinion, this is the safest way to turn the iPad back on. Once the iPad is disconnected, you will certainly be asked to connect to iTunes, this method will tell you everything. Follow the steps below to get rid of the error message iPad is disabled.

>> Step 1) First, connect your iPad to your PC/laptop or Mac via an Apple certified USB cable.

  • Message: Be sure to use only an Apple-approved USB cable, because if you use other USB cables, you will likely receive an error message when you connect the iPad to a PC or Mac. I think many people will make the mistake of using third party USB cables, later they will understand and start using a proven app USB cable to connect iPad to Windows PC/Laptop or Mac to avoid further mistakes.

>> Step 2) Now open iTunes on your Windows PC/Laptop or Mac and go to the left side of the navigation bar, there click on your iPad, otherwise search for your device in the right corner of the search bar.

>> Step 3) If you click on the iPad icon in the left corner, you will find the Backup Now option, click on it to start the backup of your iPad to your PC/laptop or Mac.

Click Backup Now

>> Step 4) After you click Backup Now, you will be asked to enter your Apple credentials to begin backing up your iPad. If you remember your login information, enter your password and start the backup, otherwise forget it and cancel the backup program. Read on to learn how to fix iPad not connected, connected to iTunes error.

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2. Use iPad recovery mode to recover iPad not connected error, connect to iTunes:

In fact, you need to back up all your data to be able to restore it if you get this kind of error. But if you are not aware of these errors on your iPad, then iPad Recovery Mode can help you to recover all the data, apps and photos stored on your iPad. The iPad recovery mode method will definitely help you to completely reset your iPad to the factory firmware and settings. Follow the steps below to set recovery mode and solve iPad not connected error, connect to iTunes on your iPad devices.

  • First, connect your iPad to a Windows or Mac PC/laptop with an Apple certified USB cable.
  • Now restart your iPad in recovery mode.
  • If you can’t put your iPad in recovery mode, follow me. Simply turn off your iPad and leave it connected to iTunes via a USB cable, then press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously.
  • After pressing the Home and Power buttons simultaneously, your iPad will enter recovery mode. You can confirm this by looking at the iTunes logo on your iPad, which looks like the image below.
  • Wait for a while until the iPad is restored, then you can disconnect the iPad and reconnect it to iTunes. Finally, you can restore your previous iPad backup with iTunes to recover all data, apps, and documents.

3. Error correction iPad is not connected, connect to iTunes Use third-party software:

If you cannot fix the error using the above methods, this third-party software can help you fix the error on your iPad. But remember to backup your iPad and make a backup, then only recovering iPad through iTunes will help you, otherwise even recovering iPad through iTunes will not help you. I think this third party software will definitely help you to solve iPad disconnected, connect to iTunes error without needing iTunes.

  • Message: Make sure you have already enabled iCloud sync and backup on your iPad if none of these methods can help you safely.

>> Step 1) First open a PC/laptop or Mac, then go to the browser and type icloud.com/find in the browser’s search bar.

>> Step 2) Here you will be automatically redirected to the iCloud storage where you need to login with your Apple ID and password. Enter the Apple ID and password used to sign in to Apple.

>> Step 3) Here you will find the All Devices button at the top of the browser window, click it.

>> Step 4) Under All Devices, select the iPad and click Delete (Device) button, which will remove the password and you can unlock the disabled iPad without iTunes.

>> Step 5) Now you can restore iPad from iCloud backup to recover all your data, documents and apps.

Restoring iPad data with iTunes from a previous backup:

I think the title itself describes what it’s about. You can now simply restore your iPad from a previous backup through iTunes, which means you have already backed up your iPad in iTunes. In my opinion, this trick works well for everyone, if this trick works on your side too, then you can easily unlock your iPad from the error iPad disconnected, connect to iTunes. After unlocking your iPad, just follow the above method to restore all backups. If you have iMessage but are experiencing issues while iMessage is waiting to be activated on the iPhone 7, read this.

Message: As mentioned earlier, this method only works if you already have a previous backup of the iPad on your PC/laptop or Mac.

  • First, connect your iPad to a Windows or Mac PC/laptop with an Apple-certified USB cable, then open iTunes.
  • Here, if the synchronization process is not taking place, you should use method 1 to back up the data on the device. So just click the Save Now button in the iTunes window.
  • Wait for a while until the backup and synchronization process is complete. Depending on the amount of data and apps on your device, it may even take a while.
  • Now connect the iPad again and click the Restore iPad button that appears next to the Backup Device button.
  • Select the Restore from iTunes Backup button.
  • Now find a backup on your PC/laptop and wait patiently for the process to complete.

Follow each step, if everything goes well, you will not only be able to remove the deactivated iPad and connect it to iTunes, but you will also be able to restore your data, documents, apps, everything you have stored on your iPad by yourself.

5. Fixed iPad turned off, connected to iTunes without restoration

This is a last resort if you can’t get recovery mode to work, can’t connect to iTunes, or can’t repair a disconnected iPad. If you’re having trouble connecting to iTunes, I’ve already given you a few ways to solve this kind of problem.

Anyway, most people complain that they cannot recover their data due to certain problems. So follow the below steps to solve the problem without restoring your iPad. The method I am talking about is to put the iPad in DFU mode, which is the firmware update mode of the device. After using this method, you will not only fix the iPad not connected to iTunes error but also other serious errors on your iOS device.

  • Message: If the DFU method doesn’t work for you either, you have no choice but to take your iPad to an Apple Service Center.

Remember, putting your iPad in DFU mode is not that easy, it’s a bit tricky, so follow my instructions to put your iPad in DFU mode. After that, you can easily restore your iPad.

Steps for using the DFU method:

>> Step 1) First, connect your iPad to your Mac or Windows PC/laptop with an Apple certified USB cable.

>> Step 2) Now launch iTunes on your Windows or Mac PC/Laptop.

>> Step 3) Now turn off your iPad.

>> Step 4) Here, you need to press and hold the power button of your iPad (the one on the top) for 3 seconds and remember to proceed to the next step immediately.

>> Step 5) Now press the Home button without removing your finger from the Power button.

>> Step 6) Press and hold both buttons for about 10 seconds.

  • Message: If you see the Apple logo after step 6, it means that you have booted your iPad normally and you need to start the whole process again.

>> Step 7) Re-enter the power button by pressing and holding the home button for about 5 seconds.

>> Step 8) Now if you see that the screen remains completely black, it is ok, you have successfully entered DFU mode and iTunes will inform you that it has detected your iPad and thus is ready for recovery.

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6. With EaseUS iPhone Repair and iPad Repair turned off, connect to iTunes:

In fact, EaseUS iPhone recovery software will always help you recover all your data when something goes wrong with your iPad. With this software, you can restore iPad from iCloud backup without using iTunes, which means this method will be useful for people who have problems connecting iPad to iTunes. This method is mainly used when you encounter the error iPad is disabled, where you can open iPad is disabled to solve the error iPad is disabled.

  • First, download the EaseUS software for Windows and Mac from the links below.

Windows: http://download.easeus.com/trial/ems_trial.exe

Mac: http://download.easeus.com/trial/ems_mac_trial.dmg

  • After downloading and installing the EaseUS software on your Windows or Mac, open the EaseUS software and select the Recover from iCloud option from the left navigation bar.
  • Here you need to navigate to the most recent iCloud backup or a backup that worked well from the next section.
  • Now you need to scan with the download on your computer and look for the data.
  • Wait for the scan to finish. Once the scan is complete, you will be asked to select the types of files you want to recover and install on your iPad.
  • This is the last step, here you need to click on the Restore button when everything is ready and restore all the data, apps and documents on your iPad.

Disconnecting iPad, connecting to iTunes from a different computer:

There is no way to repair the iPad when it is disconnected from iTunes with a computer other than your own. I have read many articles online and in forums, on websites, on YouTube, but there is no way to solve the problem with a non-computer. Even Apple’s AppStore suggests putting the iPad into recovery mode via iTunes. The best I can recommend is to back up your data to iTunes or iCloud.

Take to a service center:

This is the last option if none of the above methods work for you. There is no other option for you, just Google the nearest Apple service center. I think they can check the depth of the problem and help you fix the error iPad disconnected, connect to iTunes.

I think there are two types of service centers, one is an official Apple service center and the other is an unofficial Apple service center.

To prevent the iPad from being disconnected, connect to the iTunes problem in the future

The most painful part is when you make the same mistake in the future, without a backup plan. Therefore, I suggest one thing: Make sure to back up your iPad data, apps, and documents in a timely manner. That way, the next time you make the same mistake, you’re safe.

  1. Don’t forget your password and don’t use it too much.
  2. Try to prevent children from using iPads.
  3. Always have an emergency plan ready.

Final closure:

In my opinion, all the methods I have given here are worth trying to solve the iPad disconnected, connect to iTunes error. If one method doesn’t work, try another until you fix the error. If either of these methods doesn’t work, you should take your iPad to an Apple service center where professionals will surely help you fix the error.

So, if this article helps you to solve iPad disconnected, connect to iTunes error, please share this article with your friends and family. Finally, don’t forget to back up iTunes or iCloud on your iPad to avoid data loss. In fact, there are two ways to remove iPad error disabled, one through iTunes and the other through iCloud, I always recommend my users to use iTunes is the easiest process to remove iPad error is disabled.

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