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I grew up a nerd and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be part of a more tolerant society.

Being a geek no longer means the same social torture as it did thirty or so years ago (the golden age of twists, weddings and the cute four-eyed nickname). Being a nerd is perfectly acceptable. And nobody cares if you want to send it or not.

If your Sim isn’t proud of being a geek/nerd, why not surround him with awesome user-generated content that matches his interests?

1. Magic Mana shirts for women from GalaxxxyFoxx

Look at this CC

Even if you’ve never played it, I’ll bet all my simoleons that you’ve heard of it. Magic: Fouraging is a big nerd hobby, just like Dungeons and Dragons and Lord of the Rings.

This almost infinite card game has embraced the age of technology and introduced digital options, but the die-hard nerds stay true to the good old-fashioned printed cards.

Let your female Sim proudly show off her love of the game – and her favorite color – with these Magic the Gathering Mana T-shirts from GalaxxyFoxx.

These simple, short-sleeved, U-neck shirts are available in 5 different models. Apparently, one for each color (mana).

They look a little clunky (and the way they stick to the body seems a little uncomfortable for women with large breasts), but the innovative concept is enough to make it work.

Also, the Mana symbols look cool.

2. Male Nerd JV003 by JayVader

Look at this CC

When women get the magic: Collectors apparently get the rest.

Like the MTG shirts from GalaxxyFoxx, these Male Nerd JV003 shirts are classic long-sleeved shirts that allow your Sims to wear a number of iconic nerd/geek symbols on their torso.

There are 10 designs in total, ranging from well-known superhero logos (Batman, Superman, The Flash, etc.) to innocent images of an unnamed Rubik’s Cube.

It won’t win any fashion awards, but it’s perfect for nerds and geeks.

I’m thinking Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

Message: The caption says it’s a men’s shirt, but if you ignore the style filter, your female Sims can wear it too!

3. Star Wars Remaroon T-shirt for men

Look at this CC

As a Star Wars fan, I have to say that these awesome TS4 Star Wars Remarona t-shirts are totally legit.

They really do look like something you could buy in a specialty shop and wear in real life.

The creator doesn’t say exactly where he got the designs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re based on actual Star Wars merchandise.

And if so, I think it’s pretty cool that you and your sim can be two nerds with it.

There are 9 patterns in this CC set with two basic colors: Black and white.

But since the designs are already very graphic and have their own color accents (e.g. the orange of BB-8, the yellow of the classic Star Wars logo, etc.), I think it was a smart stylistic decision to keep the base color neutral.

And for the Star Wars fanatics, check out our other CC list dedicated to Star Wars on TS4.

4. Nerd Glasses around The Sims 4

Look at this CC

Now, before you leave me, I am aware that there are many choices in a vanilla base game.

You don’t have to download TS4 CC to get it.

However, there is one nice little detail about these glasses that I think fits the story very well: the bridge of the band.

Glasses can be expensive, okay?

If your Sim breaks his glasses every two weeks, he can’t buy new frames every time.

The tape is efficient, economical and makes a fashion statement.

This pair around The Sims 4 comes in 20 different colors, and every group – from neutral to neon – seems to be well represented.

5. LLAMAS AND LLAMAS Dungeons and Dragons theme set Valhallan

Look at this CC

If you are a hardcore D&D player, I hope you will sit down.

Because this incredible adaptation of Valhallan has everything you need for a good, long, dungeon-crawling campaign.

Being in the Sims world, I think it’s more of a llama hat thing.

That said, I’m not exaggerating when I say this is one of the best CC packages you can download.

There are maps and minigames, dice and DM screens, character tables, and handy player books that make the whole thing feel lifelike.

And if you’re a D&D 5e player, you’ll definitely recognize the covers and characters.

It’s the little details – like the example card of Faerun or the 5th version of the character sheet – that make this set an absolute success.

As a bonus, the figures – which are beautifully made – also serve as useful toys!

So if your Sim’s baby wants to bite off the Skeleton Lord’s head, he can do so in-game.

You can download each part of the package separately or as a combined .pack file.

A little advice: You need a dream grid to make the books work. The creator of the link referred to it in the description, but unfortunately the link leads to a lost or deleted page.

The books worked well for me in the game (as decorative clutter), but it may have worked differently for you. I highly recommend putting all the items in this package on the table as they are intended. Putting them on the floor can damage the fabric.

6. TS4 Avengers Action Numbers playable on Molyasimbler

Look at this CC

Talk about useful toys: Check out this awesome CC TS4 pack filled with – wait for it – Marvel superhero characters.

Of course there is a purple defender and a purple stalker in The Sims 4. But why not expand the collection?

Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, every kid probably knows who Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow are.

I’d like to think this will extend to the TS4 universe.

Your Sim (and/or their child) deserves a few iconic figures for their toy chest, right?

Lolasimblr’s CC set features 8 playable characters representing eight different Marvel superheroes. In alphabetical order (to be fair):

  • The Black Panther
  • black widow
  • Captain America
  • Hulk
  • Iron Man (2 versions)
  • Killmonger
  • Spider-Man

They work like any other toy in a vanilla game, but it’s not clear that playing with them stimulates the imagination.

Still, it’s something cool for your young simulator (or for your somewhat mature, nerd/geek simulator to decorate his room with).

7. Marvel/DC Theme by ShesASimmerPoster

Look at this CC

What self-respecting comic book and fantasy nerd doesn’t have a poster (or three) of their favorite fictional characters?

With all the options ShesASimmer offers in this pack – seriously, there are 30 different poster designs – you’re sure to find at least one piece your Sim wants to hang on his wall.

Each poster costs 65 simoleons. And his set is the flagship of DJ Suuul.

Fortunately, this CC is compatible with the base game.

Choose from classic Marvel comic book covers, minimalist DC superhero portraits, Marvel TV show logos, fake superhero movie posters and more.

8. Poster of comic strip in Novvas

Look at this CC

Looks like a Marvel/DC themed Shesasimmer poster, but framed.

This one doesn’t have as many options as the previous package. But it still presents 10 new models to hang on Sims wall.

And each poster comes in a stylish and protective matte black frame. This time the theme has been reduced to posters of popular comics/superheroes like Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Captain America : The Civil War and others.

They’re also a lot cheaper than the ShesASimmer posters ($10 per poster), so if you’re on a strict budget with no expenses, these weird posters are your best bet.

9. Marvel Comics decoration and tuk-tuk readable books

Look at this CC

This ingenious CC from TuckConk is a messy little package your nerdy Sims didn’t know they needed.

Almost exactly as the title says: a decorative item that looks like a stack of Marvel comics – with the added bonus of readable Marvel comics that your Sim can purchase from the computer or library!

Use it to decorate rooms, offices, home libraries, or even commercial comic book stores!

The decorative pieces have 4 different variations: (1) a thin stack consisting of only two or three strips, (2) a standard row of strips, (3) a standard row of strips with the last one detached and pressed against the row, and (4) a thick stack of strips stacked vertically with the top one visible.

The first and fourth variants are even included in 10 different comic covers.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, the creator even included a readable version of most of the comics in the comic. They add about 10 new books called Marvel Comics to the list of books in the base game, all of which can be purchased for 250 simoleons each.

10. DesimnyRabbit Play Chair

Look at this CC

Eccentric sims have eccentric tastes, which may make sense (or not) to non-geeks and non-rich people.

Buy this cute rabbit play chair from Desimney.

The design makes no sense, nor does the need for ears. But will that stop a geeky gamer from investing in the $250 Simoleon chair?

Not at all.

After all, there’s nothing else to say I’m serious! To your digital enemies, like a pair of cotton/pastel/polyester rabbit ears (maybe).

Choose from 2 options (with or without the Simlish logo) and a total of 11 different designs with three main colors (pink, black and blue).

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