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$ 35 Million

Alex Rodriguez Net worth: Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, also known as “A-Rod”, was a former professional shortstop and third baseman. Rodriguez played in 22 Major League Baseball seasons (MLB), for the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers as well as the New York Yankees. Rodriguez is one of baseball’s greatest players and was among the most sought-after prospects. Rodriguez has an estimated net worth of $350 million.

The following article contains all the details about Alex Rodriguez Networth. It includes his Salary per Day, Month, Year, Earnings and Cars. You can also check out the Johnny Damon’s and Dana White worth.


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  • Alex Rodriguez Net Worth 2022 @ $ 350 Million
  • Per Month
  • 2014. Earnings $22.9 Million
  • 2013. Earnings
  • Earnings 2012.
  • Earnings 2011,
  • 2010. Earnings
  • 2009 Earnings
  • 2008 Earnings
  • Alex Rodriguez House and Cars collection
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Alex Rodriguez Net Worth 2022 @ $ 350 Million

What is Alex Rodriguez worth?

Alex Rodriguez, a professional baseball player has a net worth $350,000,000

Per Month

Alex Rodriguez Salary: $33 Million Per Year

2014 22.9 Million

2014. Sponsorship

Forbes reports that endorsement earnings were reported as high in June 2014.


Salary 2014

According to Forbes, June 2014 Salary and Wins


Earnings 2013,

Salary 2013,

The New York Yankees offer a salary


Earnings 2012.

Salary 2012

The New York Yankees offer a salary


Earnings 2011,

Salaries 2011

The New York Yankees offer a salary


Earnings 2010,

Salary 2010.

The New York Yankees offer a salary


Earnings 2009.

Salary 2009

The New York Yankees offer a salary


Earnings 2008

Salary 2008

The New York Yankees offer a salary


Alex Rodriguez House and Cars Collection

Alex Rodriguez House & Property (Alex Rodriguez House Address):

Alex Rodriguez Coral Gables House

Alex Rodriguez Car Collection: —

Alex was given a rubber bat and a baseball bat by his father as a child. Little A-Rod practiced his swing whenever he could. Alex was a Miami resident who played with his friends baseball every day, until he joined a youth baseball league.

Alex soon made baseball his entire life. Alex joined the Boys and Girls Club, where he led his team towards a National championship. Alex Rodriguez played for Westminster Christian, his private school. It was home to one of the best baseball programs in Florida. Alex was already attracting a lot of attention from Major League Scouts before he even graduated. Rodriguez was selected by The Mariners in the first round and made his debut at spring training in February 1994. On July 8, 1994, he made his first appearance as a shortstop. Alex was the only 18-year old shortstop to play in MLB since 1900.

Alex Rodriguez, who was with the Mariners at the time, broke numerous records and went on to become a star player. He then left the Mariners in 2000 to join the Texas Rangers. Rodriguez’s 10-year contract with The Rangers, which was worth $252 millions over 10 years, is the most significant in sports history. Rodriguez was a ranger from 2001 to 2003. He set many personal records during this period, despite Rangers being last in the AL Western Division. A-Rod won the league MVP award while playing for a team that was last. Soon, Alex would be traded to the New York Yankees by the Rangers. He played there for most of his professional career. Major league baseball suspended Alex Rodriguez for 214 games on August 5, 2013, for using performance-enhancing drugs.

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Some Quick Facts About Alex Rodriguez:

Net worth $350 million
Date of Birth July 27, 1975, age 39
Where was it born? Washington Heights, New York City (New York), United States
Height 6 feet 2 inches (1.9m)
Weighing 265 lb (102.06 kg).
Profession Player, actor, and athlete in baseball
Nation American
Spouse Cynthia Scurtis (m.2002-2008).
Nicknames A-rod , Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez , alex_rodriguez , Alexander Emanuel Rodriguez


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AROD
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/arod/

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