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So many stairs!

Once you’ve unlocked the ability to build ramps on your island, you may be wondering what in the name of Tom Nook you’re supposed to do with them.

Surprisingly, there are many creative uses for these products that go beyond just elevating them.

And if you need inspiration, here are some of the coolest ways to use the ramps in New Horizons, as well as some ideas for building your own stairs for your island.

10. Abandoned forest stairs

Image source: @reshww

I said ladders and ramps can be used for different purposes, but I didn’t say they had to go anywhere.

This is a great idea if you need a high spot for stargazing or just want to enjoy the reclining 8th seat.

Choose a remote wooded area and add a small cliff high enough to build stairs to.

You may be wondering why there are unfinished stairs in the woods?

Maybe someone got hungry and forgot to finish a project after lunch. Who knows, right?

9. Dinner above the waterfall

Image source by @acnhluxx

Who doesn’t love a beautiful setting to eat in?

And what better place to eat than on top of a big waterfall?

You just need to set up a small dining room on the upper level of some beautiful waterfalls. And you need a ramp to get there, of course.

For the dining room itself, you will need to buy a few typical items, such as wooden tables, natural garden chairs, a clay stove and a few candle sets.

I love the way he places two smaller drops on either side of the stairs to go further into the scene.

8. Tower Lock Gate

image source of qr-class

When your friends set foot on your island, you want to make a good first impression.

Then why not a royal castle gate? This can lead to the wonders that are on your island.

I love it when people use silos as fortress towers, and this person has gone to the trouble of adapting some simple signs and paths to them.

As with the stairs to the fence, these are non-standard designs that you will want to include.

You can even create prison bars and armour to add to the medieval atmosphere of your royal paradise!

7. Secret Beach Leader

image source from chromecast

Remember the red fox selling you fake art when you docked at the end of the island?

It is usually difficult to reach the remote coast, as you may have to swim across the many heights of the island.

One way to relieve the pressure on this secret place is to create a series of stairs leading to the sandbar.

If you decide to build a ramp, make sure you make a suitable path – for example, a wooden walkway for that person.

Then when you have made your choice, decorate the place with beautiful waterfalls and flowers. This is great!

6. Grand Falls Museum entrance

Image source Geonosis.

You can even use multiple tilts in the same place to maximize their effect on the stage.

I think your museum needs a grand entrance.

And a large staircase leading to the door would fit perfectly.

For this construction, you only need to add four ramps (stone steps work very well) and place them on two levels.

Then, landscape to create a waterfall flowing down the slopes.

It’s a simple idea, but it requires precise landscaping. So be careful with these stones!

5. Ancient Greek temple

Image source by thirty-two ads

Talk about grand staircases: Look at this Greek temple in all its marble glory!

If you want to do it yourself, you will first need to install a stone staircase and build marble paths with a walkway in the middle.

Then make two fountains and place each on one side of your path.

You’ll also want to decorate the space with some of your favorite images, such as. B. a sports statue, a brave statue or even a beautiful statue!

Finally, install some simple panels with customizable marble patterns to create the walls of your antique temple.

4. Garden terrace

Image source by @nite0wl.cr0ssing

If you are working with multiple height levels, you can be creative with the placement of the ramps.

And this idea makes excellent use of the side stairs that lead from the garden path to the front door. Very cool.

Once you have determined your slopes, you can form some small waterfalls from the rocks. It sets the tone for the scene.

Next, furnish a nice seating area in the garden by making and placing iron garden chairs and a table.

All that’s left is to add a lot of color.

Make sure that whatever flowers you use, they fit perfectly into your interior. For example, how this player uses pink flowers to balance out the white.

3. Mini Dive Point

image source by @potatotoffee

You know that tricky peninsula on your island that is stuck in the water and you don’t know what to do with it?

This can be the perfect place to tip – especially for a swim!

Now you can jump in the water for a nice dip in the ocean.

To make it your own, set up a small cliff so you can adjust the slope. The white wood is perfect for the beach.

Then decorate your stage with custom made white wooden docks and surfboards.

And don’t forget to buy a lighthouse on Nook Miles to go back ashore at night!

2. Adapted spiral staircase

image source by @jin_men56

Hey, partner! If you’re looking for a place to stay in the old west, try this cowboy lounge with custom staircase.

Install silos you made outside your home, as well as simple custom panels to have amazing spiral staircases.

You can also make barrels, haybeds and a brick oven for outdoor fun.

If you surround the area with a corral, you have the most rooted saloon in the entire Western Frontier!

1. External reading bridge

Luvaris image source.

Outdoor libraries are a common idea that I have seen countless times at ACNH.

I even made one recently for my island in Fung’s garden.

But what about this design? And this staircase fits perfectly in the environment of the library.

You can make it yourself by furnishing an ordinary bookcase with wooden shelves, vintage furniture and your favorite houseplants.

Then build a ramp that leads to a comfortable reading spot.

Furnish the space by buying some rattan chairs and tables for a small seating area.

Don’t forget to add a cedar tree with a few mammoth pillows around it for a more open seating area.

I love the natural wooden benches at the edge of this place. They can even be used as a fence!

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