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Once you unlock the ability to model the water properties of your island, you’ll probably wonder what you can do with this ability.

Sometimes you want a more natural look for your water features.

Other times you can choose nicer water forms for your villagers to enjoy.

Whatever your preference, I’m sure you’ll find something in these more-ideas. There is plenty to satisfy your imagination!

15. Moon Pond

image source @mikazuki_island

If you have free die cuts in stock, you can try this idea out.

Start by creating a moonlit lake in a place where you have a good view of the night sky.

Don’t forget to leave some small islands in the middle of the lake.

Then make a chair with a crescent moon and place it in the middle of the moon lake.

Once you’ve scattered the remaining star fragments across the lake, you’re ready for a moonfall on the shores of the lake.

I sense a theme here…

14. Waterfall Lake

image source from jennnxu

This is a unique view of the lakes and waterfalls because it essentially encompasses both.

Creating this beauty actually requires a little work with the soil + watering.

Because of the way the cutting tool works, you have to make the bottom layer first and then cut the rocks around it.

Then use the irrigation tool to create the bottom layer of the lake and then the top layer.

The little pillows from Mama’s Island are also a nice addition. I feel like it gives more character to these grandiose falls!

13. Harbour attractions

image source by @CreekOlea

Is there a lot of empty space on your island?

then make a giant lake!

Once you have the lake, make a small area for the scaffolding and make a custom wooden scaffold.

Then put up a rustic fence so you don’t fall off.

Set up beautiful cherry blossom trees across the lake and buy a travel telescope to enjoy the beautiful view.

12. Crater Lake

image source lala0HANA

Here’s another cool idea with a lake that uses different height levels.

Start by making a fairly large lake, around which you’ll want to make at least two more levels of cliffs.

Then place a few hyacinth bulbs on each row to give it an extra sparkle.

Cut out a small island in the middle of the lake and place a mossy stone tablet in the middle.

Finally, create custom stone walkways and place an iron garden bench for seating.

Now you have a nice lake scene that is totally turned around!

11. Forestry

image source by @gizzycove

I must say you have to appreciate the beauty of a natural forest lake.

It doesn’t take long to make this beautiful forest scene. But this requires a cautious approach.

First, choose your favorite forest and create a small lake surrounded by hardy cedars. It can even match the aesthetics of a wooden block.

Then enter a fishing trip to win a rod holder.

You need it to go fishing.

All you need is a natural bench made from logs, wooden poles and a pot, and the fun of fishing in the woods can begin!

10. Umbrella Lake Picnic Area

image source by @uaeBesoR

Here’s another fun lake idea that can bring your island to life. And there’s even a water theme.

Normally an umbrella protects you from the rain.

Now it has become the very thing he swore to destroy.

After creating a waterfall and a lake, set up your picnic area with a custom-made picnic blanket.

Plus a blanket and picnic basket, an outdoor picnic set, some pillows, and mom’s candle set.

You can also make an open trough with a few stones and place it on the other side of the cage.

If you have set up two garden benches overlooking the lake, sit back and enjoy your work.

9. Lover’s Lake

image source by @matth_ryoji

I have seen many ideas for heart shaped lakes. But this one stood out the most for me because it integrates the heart into the whole theme.

Once you have sculpted the lake itself, decorate the lovers by creating special stone paths.

You can also have two wedding benches above each other and next to them a wedding arch overlooking the lake.

On your wedding day, set the table with a wedding cake. A great place, if I may say so!

Then decorate the stage with lots of Valentine’s Day heart bouquets.

Complete the scene by placing the ring on the pedestal in the middle. This might be the perfect place to ask a question!

8. Colored Frog Pond

image source by @inspoxrxndom

If you like fun and colorful spots on your island, this frog lake deserves to be recreated.

Modeling a lake is pretty easy because you absolutely have to leave little islands in the middle for the eyes, cheeks and mouth.

Most of the rest of the space is designed in an unconventional way.

Rainbow path edges, chalkboard patterns and puddles can be created or downloaded from the portal for custom designs.

And the stone walkway below is perfect for getting the best look at the chalk drawings.

There are only a few plants left.

This player has used shrubs and pink lilies that will definitely help this space become a playful island space.

7. Scary Pumpkin Pond

Image source: unknown

Some of you may prefer the spooky atmosphere of Halloween all year round.

If so, consider this little pumpkin pond.

Since it’s a small pond, it shouldn’t be too hard to make one by scraping off the water.

Once the pond is done, make a lot of creepy things out of your orange pumpkin.

Make spooky fences to fence the area, and spooky lanterns, towers and lantern kits to decorate the pond.

A garden bench and a brick are also essential for spending time in the pond, so make sure these are present as well.

I really like that the skull feedback radio is here. It completes the Halloween theme, and you can get some K.K. Dirge to get in the mood.

6. Duck pond

image source: reallifeholz

I’ve also seen many ACNH duck pond ideas online, but this is by far my favorite.

I think the reason is obvious: …. It’s shaped like a duck!

When you model the pond, remember to leave some islands in the middle to show the eye and wings of the duck.

Then make lots of wooden ducks, and I mean lots.

Place them around the pond to accentuate the duck theme.

The fountain on the fender isn’t bad either. And while I have no idea, I would suggest putting garden benches here as well.

5. Lapkat Lake

image source by @matth_ryoji

If you’re a Super Mario fan, you might know Lapcat Lake from the recent game Bowser’s Fury.

And now you can recreate the same more in Animal Crossing!

The first step is to form a cat-shaped lake in the middle.

You want to buy floating blocks and blocks with question marks from the current Mario game for ACNH.

It’s Mario’s house, after all.

And don’t forget to buy a headlamp from Nook Miles. Beacons are needed to fight Bowser’s wrath, so it’s an important item.

Finish the look with a custom oil stain design and a wooden shop sign on a cat bell.

Let’s go!

4. Castle side Lake

image source by @leganthorizons

In this view, the spectacle is not so much the lake itself as its surroundings.

Starting with a suitable lake, design a small jetty in the foreground.

To create a castle in the background, you only need two elements: simple panels and silos in matching colors.

They form a beautiful castle.

I would also like to commend the player for raising some of the ground behind simple slabs and putting up iron and stone fences to create the castle towers. It’s a very clever idea.

All you have to do is decorate the area with your favorite shrubs, flowers and trees.

I think the pansies and camellias complement each other well in this royal scene.

3. Garden bog pond

image source by @livio valley

This pond is now in a swampy area that was created for this player’s two frog dwellers.

Frogs are not needed, but the ponds are still beautiful!

And these ponds don’t have to be a certain shape. But you want to leave a few little islands in the middle for mommy’s kisses.

I love that this person is using this with all the dirt and colors. It’s very catchy.

The red zen bridge is perfect for crossing one of the ponds, as it complements the landscape very well.

And mushroom-shaped lampshades, lamps, and stools may be ready to be packed away to cause a fungal infestation in this swampy area.

2. Port of New York

Image source by @Katrin Crossing

There are not as many night scenes as there are with the New York skyline.

To recreate this on your island, first create a large lake. Then leave the island in the middle and go to the Statue of Liberty, New York’s most important monument.

I like the high cliffs with waterfalls because it creates a more dynamic scene with different heights.

Buy and place tons of dollhouses on these rocks to create the lights of New York City.

The marina has a kiosk, a bicycle and a menu board, and you have a good berth to enjoy the beautiful view.

1. Flamingo Watering Place

image source by Elijah Shawl / @tommy_crossing

For some reason, I’m fascinated by Mr. and Mrs. Flamingo.

This tropical watering hole places them in a more natural environment.

First cut out a small pond with an island in the middle.

Place several of these flamingos around the pond as if they are drinking from a feeder.

What remains then covers all kinds of flowers and trees and animates the scene.

Some of the plants I recommend are palm trees to create a tropical atmosphere, and purple pansies and chrysanthemums that complement the flamingos very well!

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